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Yahooooo! The new iMacs I ordered at work with the blessing of management have made their way to work and the kids are loving them. I’m amazed how little intervention or introduction these kids needed to learn how to hop on them and start playing the games and surfing the web (parental controls enabled) 🙂

I can’t wait for the electronic material that is targeted to these young diabetic and host it on these machines and provide an avenue to these children. Today’s the second day of operation for these macs and so far approximately 20 kids or so have come across them!

Job well done Apple. Update on the games used and the experiences to follow in another post soon inshallah.


This is an amazing video with a powerful message!! Buckle-up everybody 🙂

My college, Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, aparently has been following me on twitter!! I stumbled upon a tweet that read:

“Check out Eller alum Dari Al-Huwail, member of the Kuwait Dive Team, who works on projects to save marine life., Twitter

That’s soooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooool 🙂 Go Wild Cats and Bear DOWN!

K4K has also been featured on, a great local blog! Thanks to Mark & Nat for their support.

I remember Maryoom reading this book with Ansario during last year’s K4K trip to Kenya. I’ve heard about the book and watched bits and pieces of the lecture online, but never completely got to reading/viewing everything! On this trip I decided to buy the book and was determined to finish it before I return to Kuwait and so I did 🙂

The book is an easy read and funny @ times (You’ll especially appreciate some of the humor if you’re an IT geek :p ). The advise the Author, Dr. Randy Pausch, offers may not be rocket science, but rather things that have worked for Randy!

The best part was that I practiced some of what he preached and it worked!!! Randy talks about always give it a try and do not hesitate to ask for something.

So there we were waiting for our propeller plane to pick us up from Masai-Mari after a great 2 day Safari, and the plane was empty and no one waiting with us on the run-way!! Yup, a privet jet if you will 😀 oh and it gets better, there was no co-pilot! Which meant the seat next to the pilot was up for grabs! without hesitation, I asked the pilot if I could sit next to her, and she was very welcoming 🙂 Once we were flying and she switched on the auto-pilot, I asked if I could fly the plane (I did that last year too, but by invitation from the pilot 🙂 ) and she said yes as long as all people on board agree. Thank God I was traveling with wonderful people who all agreed and there I was flying the plane for 5 minutes or so!


I’ll try to catch-up on watching the talk, but you may find it below in this YouTube video. Enjoy!

My Buddy, Mahdi, had twittered this! I think it’s a cool YouTube video with a lot of interesting facts of how information technology is and will affect us as human beings. The research behind all the facts was done by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman.

Tune in and lemme know what you think.

Today I received a message from the Nutrition Club of the College of Women @ Kuwait University, Nutri-Viva about their new educational cartoon. It looks great and job well done Nutri-Viva 😀

“Dear members,

I am proudly presenting to you Nutri Viva’s 1st animated Cartoon

Initiated by Kuwait University- Nutrition & Food Science Majored Students. . Aiming for the spread of healthy food choices and eating habits.

enjoy. . ” – Dalal AlNukhailan, President

I can’t help but also notice that the cars in the cartoon look awfully similar to those in the animated cartoon, Cars!

[Nutri-Viva on facebook]