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So at work and the with multiple projects coming along in a very demanding fashion with too much details regarding system setup, network infrastructure, and IP addresses, keeping track of them via email is one thing! But keeping track of the emails and hoping that people use proper subject-lines, or even you remembering what you named your subject in the first place becomes chaotic and too much hassle to figure out a small detail!

While we’re approaching setting up a new document sharing platform for the entire organization and our web-developer is busy with that task, I couldn’t stand it any longer!

ACTION! Yup, I’ve deployed MediaWiki on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.10 that I’ve setup on a machine at work! I LOVE IT. This is temp, but nonetheless, it’s resolving my headaches with finding the technicalities and allows for sharing this information across the team and having no excuse for others to delay the documentation until everything is final 🙂 Boy do I hate that stupid excuse!

The installation was painless and straight forward. LOVE IT!

This maybe old news to some of you, but definately news to me!! While catching up on my 3000+ articles to read on my Google reader, I came across the recent announcement from Google of their newish Knol!!! Seems like wikipedia’s rival with having people share knowledge 🙂 Oh and it’s available in many languages including Arabic! Check it out!!

While the Holy month of Ramadan is about to depart, many Muslims pray in the late evenings. One of the biggest gatherings for Taraweeh prayers in Kuwait is @ the Grand Mosque. It is such a great time of the year. To make sure everybody enjoys the holiness of these nights and prayers, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs installed cell phone jammers throughout the mosque for a while now to make sure you listening to Quran and not Nancy Ajram or Shakira while you’re praying 🙂

Today, while doing my daily reading, I read an article of a heart consultant (AlWatan Local Newspaper) warning of these devices’ effect of pacemaker patients! Cell phone jammers have been banned in some countries due to fears of it interfering with medical devices, but I wonder to what extent is this true and accurate. I absolutely agree that it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which will translate to possibly stopping someone’s heart if you don’t, but it’s my curiosity that wants to know. Scientifically, is it possible? and to what extent?

This seems like a job for myth-busters! I wonder if they’ve covered this already!