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That’s right! Since we’re an organization that promotes a healthy living lifestyle and proud owners of two Wii game consoles, that have never been used since April at least, I took the liberty to move one up to our IT team area and hooked it up to the TV up there and have been playing during breaks with others 🙂 This is AWESOME. I love my workplace 🙂

Gotta love Wii Sports!

Nintendo announced that they are releasing a Pulse Oximeter for the Wii! According to their press release they want to “provide information to the users about the body’s inner world.”!! Sean Duffy of Medgadget made an interesting sarcastic suggestion that it may help ending a scary game of Resident Evil if you’re heart is too scared or too weak … GAME OVER!!

Or maybe it can serve as a remote monitoring tool for patients who require monitoring and electronically transmitting the data while making the process FUN 🙂

But seriously, this is cool!

[via Medgadget]

If you’re ever waiting for a radiology exam and it seems that it’s taking for ever to get to your turn … All of a sudden you see a radiologist walking-by with a Wii remote (Wiimote), you might be thinking: W*%!!! But it’s not what you think it is … They are doing work and not playing!! At least that’s the hope 🙂

“At the 2009 American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting in Boston this week, clinical researchers from the New-York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center are presenting findings from a study showing that using the Nintendo Wii gyroscopic remote can be a viable option for modern radiologists.” – Michael,

Yup, you heard it … These Wiimote can help radiologists mainpulate images from CT scans on the screen for example. If anyone says that video games are a horrible invention, think again!

[via Medgadget]