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This picture was up on the very front e-page of AlQabas local newspaper today! It was taken outside a privet school in Kuwait. I liked the caption on it, and please excuse my transelation skills 🙂

“Is it possible to have the entire country concerned about the A(H1N1) swine flu and the measures we’re taking against it to protect our children, when we leave these dangerous and hazardous litter that can carry viruses and diseases?!” – Luai Shaban, AlQabas Newspaper


“Cyber criminals are taking advantage of swine flu fears with e-mails promising news on the illness which then infect computers with a virus, a Spanish computer security firm warned Friday. The e-mails invite recipients to open a document with information claiming the H1N1 flu virus was developed by pharmaceutical firms seeking to make huge profits from the outbreak, Pandasecurity said in a statement.

But if the document is opened, a virus is installed on the person’s computer which can steal personal information like bank account data.AFP via GoogleNews

It’s not enough that the world is living in some chaos due to the “real” swine flu, now geeks are trying to terrorize your computers and steal important information! Yup, be careful now and don’t open any suspicious email. But hey, you should always do that anyway 🙂

Now with phones being smart and have GPS integration capabilities, people have been using Google maps for example to locate friends and loved-ones. Applications have been developed to show you the nearest restaurant or entertainment outlets, but iPhones just took this up a notch! An iPhone application is now out that will help locate diseases near you. This can be especially helpful for public health officials and those worried to get a certain disease. Who wouldn’t be, right!

Outbreaks Near Me is a location-aware application for the iPhone based on the free HealthMap epidemiological web service, which allows users to access disease-outbreak information. But the mobile version, released today, one-ups its cord-bound counterpart: Users can contribute signs that public health trouble is afoot in what the organization is calling “participatory epidemiology.”” – Alexis Madrigal,

People in Kuwait and around the globe have been very frightened by swine flu. Why wouldn’t they be when all they hear in the media is about swine flu! Don’t get me wrong, it is dangerous to that it can spared fast between people and there is no vaccine against it at the moment that’s available for people here in Kuwait … Yet! Oh and people who get it worst are those with weak immune systems, for one reason or the other.

Unfortunately, SOME MPs here in Kuwait have been taking this matter politically and not rationally what so ever! I don’t understand why people don’t get together and work as a team against this pandemic.

WOHA! Yup, you heard me right … Drive through ERs might be on the way. It definitely is some interesting concept that I can see working to some limit 🙂

“Having people with contagious conditions like, say, swine flu siting in a crowded ER waiting room is not an ideal public health situation. So Stanford Hospital is testing a drive-through ER, where patients get treated in their cars …

Stanford conducted a full-scale pilot test back in June, in which the Red Cross provided 50 vehicles and fake patients. A local radio station told patients what to expect as they sat in their cars, and provided information on wait times.” – Shirley S. Wang, WSJ Health Blog

In late May of this year 18 U.S. soldiers on Kuwaiti soil were said to be infected with swine flu, we wake up today to smell the coffee with confirmed cases of Kuwaitis now infected :s

“Kuwait’s Ministry of Health said Tuesday three Kuwaiti citizens returning from the US last Saturday were infected with swine flu. Ministry’s spokesman Dr Yusuf Al-Nesf said the three Kuwaitis were returning from the US on board a United Airlines flight 982.” – Dahlia Kholaif, Arab Times

I hope folks, expecially health officials and clinicians are taking this seriously! The public too has a major responsibilty of cooperating. Let’s all work as a team I say and hope we can overcome this pandamic not only in Kuwait, but the entire world!

“Medical technology plays a critical role in protecting the public health at various stages during an epidemic:

* Diagnostics to rapidly screen individual patients for influenza virus in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices;

* Personal protection devices such as facemasks to help stop the spread of disease;

* Delivery technologies to quickly and efficiently administer vaccines or drugs; and

* Life-sustaining equipment such as ventilators to help patients recover their normal breathing functions.

The medical technology industry stands ready to provide whatever assistance is needed to help prevent or contain the health threat posed by the current strain of swine flu and to help those already infected to recover fully and quickly.” – Janet Trunzo, Advanced Medical Technology Association