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And off we go #eHealth #Network project on Twitpic

Given the state of infrastructure we have in Kuwait for electronic networks and how unfortunately we are behind in comparison to other countries worldwide for wired connectivity (fiber/cable) to as close as possible to the last mile, we have just started exploring with WIMD Kuwait on a PoC testing wireless network delivery for Internet and Point-to-Point networks for our eHealth projects! Very excited for the outcomes and let’s see how this one will go


“Gurus at IBM have figured out how to replace electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with tiny silicon circuits that chat using pulses of light. The device is called a nanophotonic avalanche photodetector, and according to Dr. T.C. Chen, this kind of embedded optical interconnection makes the “prospect of building power-efficient computer systems with performance at the Exaflop level” something that could be seen in the not-so-distant future.” – Darren Murph, Engadget

WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Just imagine what this monster could do!! Information and data will be flying around like crazy 🙂 Let’s hope this not too distant future is soon!

A great article I found while browsing for some IT security material for a project I’m working on @ work. This work is by Debra Littlejohn Shinder and was published @

  1. Don’t have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan.
    “..backups are something that seem like a waste of time and effort—until you need them.”
  2. Ignore warning signs.
    “it pays to heed early warning signs that something is wrong”
  3. Never document changes.
    “what if you just make new changes that don’t work the way you expected, and you don’t quite remember the old settings?.”
  4. Don’t keep enough space for logging.
    “..without logs to help you discover what happened can be costly”
  5. Not testing critical updates before installation.
    “..Yes, updates and patches sometimes break important applications”
  6. Putting upgrades off.
    “..putting off upgrades for too long can cost you even more, especially in terms of security.”
  7. Managing passwords sloppily.
    “..Bad password policies and sloppy password management create a weak link that can allow attackers to invade your systems with little technical skill needed”
  8. Trying to please all of the people all the time.
    “..Network administration isn’t the job for someone who needs to be liked by everyone. You’ll often be setting down and enforcing rules that users don’t like.”
  9. Not trying to please any of the people any of the time.
    “..Just as it’s important to stand your ground when the security or integrity of the network is at stake, it’s also important to listen to both management and your users.”
  10. Make yourself indispensable by not training anyone else to do your.
    “..failing to train others to do your tasks, you may lock yourself into a position that makes it harder to take a vacation.”