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WHOAA! Microsoft has majorly upgraded the surface 2.0 experience it seems. I was over excited when I saw it had medical applications in the clinical informatics domain allowing for clinical staff to share and view information amgost them or even when communicating with patients. Boy do I love to have a demo version of this at work and try it out with our new clinical informatics projects.


Salem: Thanks for sharing bro


With the new year festivities and all the lads at Chalet, a dear friend/bro brought his xbox and the new KINECT! I’m amazed how great of a gadget it is and I would think it’s probably a new hit when it comes to video games that encourage physical activity, like the Wii-Fit!

Now what’s cool about Kinect is that it doesn’t require holding or wearing any gadgets, and it even saves those precious moments you have with your friends while in action! That’s cool 🙂 The one thing to consider though is the privacy of such pictures and how they are stored/shared.

Good move Microsoft!

Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashed was “the” first Arab user to launch Windows 7 and use it in the Middle East! I however claim I was before him along with many others who tried the RC version 🙂 None the less, let’s see what this new operating system will bring to us.

My view: Windows 7 = Light as XP + Vista Style!

For those of you who are interested in owning an original full version of the new OS, it’s out in Kuwait’s stores starting @ 41 KD or so. Enjoy!

It’s cool when you see or hear about a familiar place, or your 2nd home in my case, to get on the edge of new technologies and development. I just read on Engadget that Scottsdale, AZ will open a Microsoft Store on October 22nd! NEAT 🙂

This is an awesome application and everyone should check it out! They have versions that sync your documents/pc from different platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) 🙂 You can signup easily for a free 2GB account and start using it. Check it out, because I have and I’m loving it so far.

On the homepage you can see the demo video. You’ll laugh when he IM’s his friend. Look out for his friend’s reply 🙂

If you’re from “those people” that think that gaming is good for nothing, think again!! Simon Scarle, a computer scientist at the University in Warwick, has modded Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which

“produces data tracking how the electrical signals in the heart moves about damaged cells, creating a model of it. The model can then be used to help doctors to identify defects and disturbances in the heart’s beating. This significantly decreases the costs and complications of creating a model of the heart, which is currently done by supercomputers and is very expensive.” – Laura June, Engadget

Michael Calore of WebMonkey wrote this interesting post  of titled “8 Things on the Web We’d Like to Throw Down a Black Hole” … It brings back some funny memories and some of his agony I share and understand :p

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
  2. MySpace
  3. Auto-playing audio/video widgets
  4. Drop-down lists in address forms with every country on the planet
  5. #99ff33 (Acid Green Color)
  6. The <blink> tag
  7. Google Base
  8. GIFs