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So at work and the with multiple projects coming along in a very demanding fashion with too much details regarding system setup, network infrastructure, and IP addresses, keeping track of them via email is one thing! But keeping track of the emails and hoping that people use proper subject-lines, or even you remembering what you named your subject in the first place becomes chaotic and too much hassle to figure out a small detail!

While we’re approaching setting up a new document sharing platform for the entire organization and our web-developer is busy with that task, I couldn’t stand it any longer!

ACTION! Yup, I’ve deployed MediaWiki on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.10 that I’ve setup on a machine at work! I LOVE IT. This is temp, but nonetheless, it’s resolving my headaches with finding the technicalities and allows for sharing this information across the team and having no excuse for others to delay the documentation until everything is final 🙂 Boy do I hate that stupid excuse!

The installation was painless and straight forward. LOVE IT!


I think Google have made the right call on naming this device the Nexus S 🙂 S for Super perhaps!

The phone is loaded with features that you can check out for yourself here ( but once and for all, this marks the first phone with MEGA internal storage 🙂

The one thing I think this device will lack is the “quietly brilliant” HTC sense UI 😦 Excited for it nonetheless and Can’t wait to get Gingerbread on all other Android Devices!

I’ve tried to look it up on the bestBuy website, but I was blocked from my Kuwaiti IP address!! WTH. Anyways, if there’s a will, there’s a way and via using a U.S. based proxy service (CoDeen Network) I managed to get a peak.

It’s being sold at $199.99* with a 2-year contract with T-Mobile, but can also be purchased unlocked with no strings attached for $529.99.

iPhone, you’ve been warned!

Yahooooo! The new iMacs I ordered at work with the blessing of management have made their way to work and the kids are loving them. I’m amazed how little intervention or introduction these kids needed to learn how to hop on them and start playing the games and surfing the web (parental controls enabled) 🙂

I can’t wait for the electronic material that is targeted to these young diabetic and host it on these machines and provide an avenue to these children. Today’s the second day of operation for these macs and so far approximately 20 kids or so have come across them!

Job well done Apple. Update on the games used and the experiences to follow in another post soon inshallah.


Medic Mobile is out! I gotta say that I’m loving this great tool and platform and can definitely see the potential for it in rural and developing parts of the world. I would love to get my hands on a project to implement this. Here’s is what the development team has to say about it:

“Our approach is about tools that can be appropriated and adapted by health workers all over the globe, many of whom have little support from professional IT staff.

Mobile phones play an increasingly integral role in daily life in the developing world and some of our greatest global health challenges can be addressed through connectivity. Medic is seizing this opportunity by developing software, hardware, implementation strategies and impact analysis in mobile health.

The same team of FrontlineSMS with the same open source tools, have re-branded FrontlineSMS:Medic in their unique approach to mHealth.

Oh and it gets even better with providing a simple interface for an EHR, and it’s called PatientView


Big Shoutout to the team! You all are AWESOME 🙂

Dedicated to my “Dingee” friends! I think this is the trend moving forward and it seems a very interesting one when it comes to healthcare and delivering/sharing of health information.

YAHOO!! So it seems that Apple UK will start selling iPhone4 s soon and without a contract! the 16 GB is going for £499 while the 32 GB is going for £599. Let the U.S. customers suffer with their stupid AT&T contracts!!

Maybe it’s time for me to get one and see what all this hype is about! See if the medical apps are all that they are 🙂

an ancient x-ray controls in an African hospital - Wikimedia

I just read this article in InformationWeek titled “Botswana Hospital Takes A Digital Leap Forward“. I’m so happy to see that medical informatics and IT are penetrating to poor and developing nations. This is truly great and I hope that such technologies will be available not only to this one hospital in Botswana, but all nations across the entire world 🙂