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An interesting article and report! This is how information technology is helping transform healthcare systems: “The report was the result of three meetings held in the summer and fall of 2010, bringing together researchers, computer scientists, privacy experts, clinicians, healthcare administrators, health IT professionals, representatives of patient advocacy groups, healthcare policymakers, and other stakeholders.”

The goal is to bring about the “emergence of a digital infrastructure that allows data collected during activities in various settings — clinical, research, and public health — to be integrated, analyzed, and broadly applied (‘collect once, use for multiple purposes’) to inform and improve clinical care decisions, promote patient education and self-management, design public health strategies, and support research and knowledge development efforts in a timely manner.” – Anthony Guerra, InformationWeek


Hope this won’t be the case with our new clinical EMR systems that we’re working on setting up 🙂

WHOAA! Microsoft has majorly upgraded the surface 2.0 experience it seems. I was over excited when I saw it had medical applications in the clinical informatics domain allowing for clinical staff to share and view information amgost them or even when communicating with patients. Boy do I love to have a demo version of this at work and try it out with our new clinical informatics projects.


Salem: Thanks for sharing bro

An article my big boss at work wrote about how information technology and eLearning are shaping the future of medicine and healthcare.

“The first ten years of this century has seen dramatic changes in the approachto healthcare brought about largely by the introduction of technology”

Read the full article at:


Medic Mobile is out! I gotta say that I’m loving this great tool and platform and can definitely see the potential for it in rural and developing parts of the world. I would love to get my hands on a project to implement this. Here’s is what the development team has to say about it:

“Our approach is about tools that can be appropriated and adapted by health workers all over the globe, many of whom have little support from professional IT staff.

Mobile phones play an increasingly integral role in daily life in the developing world and some of our greatest global health challenges can be addressed through connectivity. Medic is seizing this opportunity by developing software, hardware, implementation strategies and impact analysis in mobile health.

The same team of FrontlineSMS with the same open source tools, have re-branded FrontlineSMS:Medic in their unique approach to mHealth.

Oh and it gets even better with providing a simple interface for an EHR, and it’s called PatientView


Big Shoutout to the team! You all are AWESOME 🙂

an ancient x-ray controls in an African hospital - Wikimedia

I just read this article in InformationWeek titled “Botswana Hospital Takes A Digital Leap Forward“. I’m so happy to see that medical informatics and IT are penetrating to poor and developing nations. This is truly great and I hope that such technologies will be available not only to this one hospital in Botswana, but all nations across the entire world 🙂

The picture you see above is in Kuwait, and No AWE_T, this is not a model! It’s an entire center with approximately 20 beds that have this technology 🙂 YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Yesterday at work I was tasked to tour a delegation from Cerner to and show them our health IT systems. On the way to Amiri hospital to review their Hospital Information System (HIS), we quickly stopped by the newly built Sabah AlAhmad’s Cardiac Center for a quick grand-tour of the facility!

I was personally amazed that we have such high-tech building with fancy and state of the art medical technology that over-looks the ocean 🙂 Oh, get this, the room pictured above (one of 20 more) is equipped with an ambient lighting system and when the patient is lying down and resting, he/she could enjoy watching a movie or catching a favorite episode of their SitCom! As a matter of fact, they were playing the movie, Vantage Point! Good movie 🙂

I’m so happy to see such building and I hope that we replicate this model of newer healthcare facilities … One key lesson here: Don’t have the Ministry of Health get involved in building the facility, until later-on in the process 🙂