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YAHOOO! is how I started my tweet when I hit the sweet spot and had a successful installation of Ubuntu Server LTS LucidLynx (10.04.2) 64-Bit at work with our NetApp monster, the FAS3140. The installation was done on an HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Blade Server. The was a success because of the great article and hints from, so thanks for the support!

Here are the steps for those interested and perhaps didn’t find a clear way of doing it online:

  1. Configure your NetApp storage system with the required Volume, LUN, and from Which aggregate
    • SATA disks from this aggregate were used
    • The encoding of the Volume, LUN and initiator Groups were selected as “Linux”
  2. Make the appropriate zoning between your NetApp storage system and your blade server via the SAN Switch
    • The zoning was done on Brocade switches
  3. When installing your Ubuntu system (LucidLynx (10.04.2) 64-Bit) make sure you do the following:
    • When prompted to select the installation language, hit F6
    • Escape the option and a command-line will appear below the options
    • at the end, type the following      mpath
    • Hit “Enter” and proceed with the installation
  4. You will be warned regarding the installation when configuring the disks, but select “ignore” since it tells you that this is a valid selection for those “who know what they are doing”!
    • At this stage you should be able to see and identify the different paths to the storage system, in our case, we had 4 paths
  5. The system will reboot after the install. Please do reboots and hard-shutdowns to ensure that the multipathing is working appropriately and that your installation has worked as expected.
  6. Once you’re logged in, perform the following commands:
    • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    • to bring all packages and the kernel image current. Rebooted afterwards
  • sudo apt-get install multipath-tools multipath-tools-boot 
    • This will download and enable the display of multipathing tools. Rebooted afterwards
  • Now you should be able to view your paths on your fresh Ubuntu machine!
    • sudo mutlipath -l
    • man multipath
    • This will display the manual pages for more detailed descriptions of the various options you can use with multipath

    Hope you find this useful! Please do spread the word around, tweet the article, email it, and share it with all. Let us know how did it go for you!


    Yup, that’s right! this is crazy and has a lot of important implications for medicine and biomedical informatics’ security measures that need to be considered and in place for a safe medical practice.

    Dr Mark Gasson from the University of Reading had a chip inserted in his hand which was then infected with a virus. The device, which enables him to pass through security doors and activate his mobile phone, is a sophisticated version of ID chips used to tag pets.

    In trials, Dr Gasson showed that the chip was able to pass on the computer virus to external control systems. If other implanted chips had then connected to the system they too would have been corrupted, he said. – Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC

    WOW! This is a nice piece of handy art 🙂 Geeky a bit I know 🙂 But who would’ve thought you would use a hard drive as a clock!

    “Designed and crafted by Svofski, the Strobeshnik relies on the stroboscopic effect to create the illusion of a persistent numeric display. The HDD platter itself has ten digits, colon and dash marks cut all the way through it, and by carefully timing the light strobes, the illusion is perfected.” Darren Murph, Engadget

    I just read this on Engadget! Imagine carrying your PC with you “virtually” anywhere you go! Good stuff!! Man this would save you tons of headache and you won’t need to worry which physical machines you use … Making HUGE assumptions here because I didn’t try it yet 🙂

    Here what Engadget had to say:

    “Basically it backs up your C: drive into a bootable, standalone app-wrapped VMWare image, which can run off of a compatible Iomega drive (new eGo and Prestige lines, for starters) on any other Windows computer. Any changes you make to your system in VM mode will then be synced back to your main machine when you return.” – Paul Miller, Engadget


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    I just had enough of Vista! My poor ‘o2 VAIO desktop couldn’t take it anymore. Despite all upgrades to the graphics card + maxing out the RAM to 2GB, the computer couldn’t take even my regular surfing on YouTube!!

    I decided to actually install Windows 7 and compare it to Vista on such old hardware, but I couldn’t because both my DVD and CDRW drives failed on me 😦 I might just try to do an upgrade from the ISO image, but hey, I’m so happy to be back on XP. Thank god for Sony’s smooth recovery option 🙂

    Similarly, I had the same with my OLD PowerBook G4 which was running Leopard when it should’ve run Tiger. I downgraded and did a fresh install and now it’s back to the good old performance 🙂

    I guess the lesson here, always always buy the newer hardware with the new OS! Going cheap like I did will get you by for some time, 5 years I say 😀 Non the less, it’s a great experience to do it all.

    Yup, The Wall Street Journal has just announced it’s 2009 Technology Innovation Awards! Categegories were in the areas of: Computing Systems, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Environment, Health-Care IT, Materials and Other Base Technologies. View the summary winner here (printable .pdf).

    Good stuff! And it’s awesome to see some technologies I talked about earlier receiving such honor 🙂

    “Cyber criminals are taking advantage of swine flu fears with e-mails promising news on the illness which then infect computers with a virus, a Spanish computer security firm warned Friday. The e-mails invite recipients to open a document with information claiming the H1N1 flu virus was developed by pharmaceutical firms seeking to make huge profits from the outbreak, Pandasecurity said in a statement.

    But if the document is opened, a virus is installed on the person’s computer which can steal personal information like bank account data.AFP via GoogleNews

    It’s not enough that the world is living in some chaos due to the “real” swine flu, now geeks are trying to terrorize your computers and steal important information! Yup, be careful now and don’t open any suspicious email. But hey, you should always do that anyway 🙂