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Time to spread awareness of Autism in Kuwait and educate ourselves and others around us … Come out for a fun walkathon for a great cause. Thanks  to my cooool friend, Dana H. for the info and heads up 🙂

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So yesterday, at LoYAC, we held the Justice for Khojaly event and it was a great success! Here’s a press release about the event:

Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LoYAC) hosted ‘Khojaly: War through the eyes of the kids’, a picture gallery exhibition, at Bait Lothan on 17 February 2010. The exhibition was held under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the State of Kuwait and the ‘Justice for Khojaly’ campaign.

The exhibition was launched by Mrs. Fareah Al Saqqaf, the founder, Vice-chairperson and Managing Director of LoYAC and Mr. Shahin Abdullayev, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Kuwait.

‘Khojaly: War through the eyes of the kids’ portrayed the tragedy in Khojaly, known as the Khojaly genocide, and communicated the public’s rejection of violence against children and war crimes against civilians.

Khojaly is a small town in Azerbaijan where the Khojaly genocide took place. It involved the extermination and capture of thousands of Azerbaijanis. Over the night from 25 to 26 February 1992, the seizure of Khojaly resulted in the death of 613 civilians, including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly. Another 1,000 people were wounded and 1,275 taken hostage. To this day, 150 people from Khojaly remain missing.

LoYAC has conducted a number of insightful exhibitions and events in the recent past and plays an important role in raising awareness and promoting peace and well-being among youth across different nations. “

After the successful event and around 7:30 pm precisely, Bait Lothan was swarmed with Police, Fire trucks, and Ambulances for we had a bomb threat in the building and everybody had to evacuate!! Who could’ve been behind this? At least the event was a success and we had a good turn-out.

Today, December 1st, marks the world’s AIDS day … I can still remember my first trip to Eastern Africa to volunteer with Students for International Change (now Support for International Change) in Tanzania where we were educating locals in rural and remote villages about HIV/AIDS and the stigma associated with it … That was a life-changing trip indeed …

The good news is that

“Data released by UNAIDS and the WHO highlights that beyond the peak and natural course of the epidemic HIV prevention programmes are making a difference. According to 2009 AIDS epidemic update, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years.” –

My good friend Dg, who blogs @ KCAL, forwarded very insightful and somewhat eye opening info @ P0ach:

“I stumbled across this public-awareness campaign launched by the New York Health Department. Basically, it is encouraging people to not drink themselves fat, to cut back on soda and other sugary beverages and go with water, seltzer or low fat milk instead (something we oh so dearly need here in our beloved country)” – Dg. of KCAL @ P0ach

It’s shocking to tell you the truth to find out about these numbers and figures!! So please watch what you’re drinking 🙂 Boy I don’t want to know how much sugar I had after breaking my fast in Ramadan!!

G’Job DG 🙂 Keep up the awesome blogging and awareness spreading!