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Time to spread awareness of Autism in Kuwait and educate ourselves and others around us … Come out for a fun walkathon for a great cause. Thanks  to my cooool friend, Dana H. for the info and heads up 🙂

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After the success of the human genome project, a new project is in the works to unveil the secrets behind the greatest engineered command center, the human brain. The Allen Institute for Brain Science, located in Seattle, Washington, USA is taking lead in this project.

“I first got interested in the brain through computers. There’s a long history of artificial intelligence programs that try to mimic what the brain is doing, but they’ve all fallen short. Here’s this incredible computer, a really astonishing piece of engineering, and we have no idea how it works.” – Paul Allen, Co-founder, Microsoft.

According to Wired Magazine, “If the institute succeeds, its maps will help scientists decipher the function of the thousands of genes that help produce the human brain.”

Looking forward to see what will this project produce and the hope it can have for patients with brain disorders or brain-related illnesses like Autism or Parkinson’s.