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So a brilliant idea came to mind and I wish Google would use it! Not sure if others thought of it, possible, but hey: “Great Minds Think Alike!”

Why doesn’t Google (or any other providers for that matter) integrate with your mobile phone and phone book and if poeple call you, you can setup automatic email responses to them (granted you have an email of theirs on file). Ahhh! and voice-mails on your phone … NOW that would be sweet.

Come on Android! Come on Google


My friend, AWT, has pointed this out and Nakoolt has actually tried it! Way to go Google. This is pretty cool! Looking forward to more and more applications and life problems that Google Goggles will solve

I think Google have made the right call on naming this device the Nexus S 🙂 S for Super perhaps!

The phone is loaded with features that you can check out for yourself here ( but once and for all, this marks the first phone with MEGA internal storage 🙂

The one thing I think this device will lack is the “quietly brilliant” HTC sense UI 😦 Excited for it nonetheless and Can’t wait to get Gingerbread on all other Android Devices!

I’ve tried to look it up on the bestBuy website, but I was blocked from my Kuwaiti IP address!! WTH. Anyways, if there’s a will, there’s a way and via using a U.S. based proxy service (CoDeen Network) I managed to get a peak.

It’s being sold at $199.99* with a 2-year contract with T-Mobile, but can also be purchased unlocked with no strings attached for $529.99.

iPhone, you’ve been warned!

“By equipping the clothing and bodies of users with a mesh of multiple sensors – known as “smart dust” – that report to an Android-powered phone, researchers are pioneering an open-source route to realizing the dream of always-on medical monitoring. Their work has already allowed them to measure how much test subjects exercise, how well their hearts are doing and how much air pollution they’re being exposed to.” – Christopher Mims, TechnologyReview

Now this is pretty cool! The researches say that the power of the Android platform in their research, it the fact that it’s built on open source. This allows them to innovate and create their software freely!

Long Live Droid!

Yup! That’s so right … I’ve updated my Milestone Droid to 2.1!!! Manually 🙂 Thanks to the post engadget had on their site. The experience was painless and straight forward, but I’ll have to caution you that you’re proceeding on your own risk!

Here’s what their sources said and what I did on my Windows Vista (32 bit) platform 🙂  :

  1. Download RDS Lite and install it on your PC
  2. Download the Motorola updater and install it on your PC
  3. Download the file from the 2.1 update and unpack it (with WinRAR for example)
  4. Turn your phone off, and start it again with the up arrow button (the D-pad)
  5. Then you’ll get a black screen with the text: ‘Ok to program “
  6. Connect your device with the USB cable to your PC and start RDS Lite program
  7. Select the update file in RDS Lite (unzipped 2.1 update file .SBF format that you downloaded in step 3) and press start
  8. Let it do it’s own thing until you’re rebooted
  9. Please wait, et voila, you’re on Android 2.1  🙂

*Note: Your droid will become as if it went through a factory reset!

While reading up on some of the local blogs for a little homework of marketing an event, I came across BlushBerry’s post on the Nexus One! A picture of an ad was uploaded that markets selling the phone for 229 KD @ electrozan! Bear in mind you might get away with ordering it online for a cheaper price, but it definitely is worth to check out … at least to toy around with the phone 🙂

YAHOOOO! I finally managed to update my Milestone Droid to 2.0.1 🙂 Not that it made much difference, but I noticed a very slight improvement in use and battery life … Ow and let’s not forget the cooler looking screens now

Android … I LOVE YOU 🙂 So excited about 2.1, and can’t wait until Motorola rolls it out!