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After attending a LoYAC function to raise funds for Haiti in Mishref, I was driving home at about 11 pm and while on Road 20something (Between Mishref and Bayan after the gas station – See Google map above), all lanes were slow and traffic was bad. I thought it was an accident and I was right! As I passed the accident, I saw a middle-aged man on the floor by the car and blood was surrounding him!! I quickly pulled to a safe-side on the curb ahead and ran to the victim while getting my first-aid kit.

When I got to the victim, a man wearing dishdasha appeared was trying to figure out where or not the victim has pulse and was on a high-tech walkie-talkie calling an ambulance. Police from Bayan Police station were at the scene when I arrived. I came to the victim and started asking the guy if I can help, but he was occupied with pulse and being on the walkie-talkie. I checked and there seemed no signs of breathing, the light/pupil test to check for responsiveness didn’t even work (not that this would be a valuable test even, but given the scene and situation, that’s all I could’ve done)!!! I feared the guy to be dead since he looked pale and his skin felt a bit cold.

There was a debate between the police and ambulance because if the guy had pulse (alive) that he must be rushed to a hospital, if he had no pulse (dead) then this would be a crime scene and CSI folks must come and do their work before the body is taken away to the morgue. The decision was made SLOWLY, but we lifted the guy, put him on to the gurney, and then off to the ambulance and to the hospital.

I stayed for another 2 hours organizing traffic since the victim’s car swerved and took out a palm tree!!!

There was oil and gasoline spill all over the street and we waited for the fire-fighters to come and hose down the road and clear it from the spilled gasoline, oil, and coolant. Yeah, the two hour wait was fun and interesting! The fire-fighters’ wireless system was down, and Police Operations Center forgot to call them!!

The sad news came before we left the scene that the guy passed away. My details were taken and I might serve as a witness to the case should an extensive investigation be opened!

Slowdown people, buckle-up and when you pass an accident DON’T STOP AND WATCH unless you have something to offer! May the man’s soul rest in peace.

May God be with them all … Pray and find ways to help Haiti now:

My great friend @ KCAL posted this on her blog about Gulf Smoke Out Day:

“Smokers: Would it be so hard to stop for just one day? Just one? On Thursday the 1st October this year we challenge you to stop smoking those cigarettes and name this day ‘GULF SMOKE OUT DAY’.” – KCAL

We met up last night for some K4K related work and she even gave me small cards promoting a competition for the public! Whoever collect the most cigarette boxes (from friends, family members, or even random people on the streets 🙂 ) and drops them off @ a drop off location might be their lucky winner!

I’m very excited that I’ll ride out with Kuwait’s BMW Club this afternoon in participation and show support for this awesome campaign. I’ll update you all with pics and stories from the ride/event 😀

Meanwhile, “Convince, force, or do whatever you have to do to stop your smoker friends from smoking on October 1st 2009.” – KCAL


“The Twitter name “@arjanelfassed” is not only the Twitter account of one Arjan El Fassed; it’s also the name of an actual location, “@ arjanelfassed tweetstreet,” which is now a street in a Palestinian refuge camp. The Dutch website Jouw Eigen Straatnam charges $146 for each of 200 street names in the Askar camp and gives the proceeds to the Palestinian Child Care Society (PCCS), according to Al Fassed, to fund “cultural and expressive after-school activities” for the up to 1,000 children in the camp at its youth center. Part of the program’s allure, he says, is that the corresponding street signs are temporary.” – Eliot Van Buskirk,

Now that’s so awesome! I’m gona try to get one someday, but not so sure how to go about it exactly since the website is in German I think :p But I think all you twitterZ should get your name out there and help support a great cause 🙂

UPDATE: I figured it out with the help of GoogleTranslate! Y’all just wait 🙂

K4K has been featured on P0ach, a great local Kuwaiti blog! Oh and it gets better that our post has been assigned “sticky” for the time being 🙂 Thanks Faisal for such amazing work and Abdullah for P0aching K4K 🙂

This will be my 3rd time in Sub-Saharan Africa and my 2nd with K4K! Make sure you follow us on twitter and our website. Getting ALL THE VOLUNTEERS EXCITED!!!!!! 😀

More than a million people in Darfur will go without food rations by May unless new aid agencies are deployed, a joint Sudanese-UN assessment says. BBC News

My heart aches for all those in desprate need of medical and humanitarian aid! and what is our world doing to support them? Former U.S. president, George W. Bush was hesitent to call the events in Darfur genocide! The Arab community is supporting Omar Albashir, Sudan’s president, and welcoming him to their countries!! He is said to arrive to Cairo, Egypt and has been invited by Qatar to attend the Arab Summit to be held in Doha!!! Then Ayman Alzawahiri, AlQaeda’s 2nd man in command, that the Sudanese policy is weak towards the west and the infedels and to start training, preparing and planning for long wars and flights against “the non-beleivers”!!!!

Oh and it doesn’t stop here! After the International Criminal Court indicted Albashir with war crimes and set out an arrest order, the Sudanese president ordered all foreign aid agencies to leave Sudan!! He promised that within a year time all aid work in Sudan will be through Sudanese aid organizations to their fellow Sudanese. He failed to tell people that in Sudan the four big aid organizations are operated by the Sudanese president and his wives [from a BBC radio interview with Sudanese opposition] … This calls for a BIG JUMBO question mark?

Amongst all this mess what we’re left with is the U.N.’s estimate that

1.5 million people in Darfur are dependent on healthcare support, 1.1 million need regular food aid, and another 1 million are in need of clean drinking water.

You and I may not have the political power to directly help Darfur’s people, but we sure have hope, prayer, and our voices … Don’t stop … Keep hope alive!