That’s right! Since we’re an organization that promotes a healthy living lifestyle and proud owners of two Wii game¬†consoles, that have never been used since April at least, I took the liberty to move one up to our IT team area and hooked it up to the TV up there and have been playing during breaks with others ūüôā This is AWESOME. I love my workplace ūüôā

Gotta love Wii Sports!


Hope this won’t be the case with our new clinical EMR systems that we’re working on setting up ūüôā

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A long await shout out for my friend, Salooom! Check out his blog where he writes about the books he read at:

Keep it up Saloooom!

WHOAA! Microsoft has majorly upgraded the surface 2.0 experience it seems. I was over excited when I saw it had medical applications in the clinical informatics domain allowing for clinical staff to share and view information amgost them or even when communicating with patients. Boy do I love to have a demo version of this at work and try it out with our new clinical informatics projects.

Microsoft: PLEASEEEEEEE ūüôā

Salem: Thanks for sharing bro

My friend, AWT, has pointed this out and Nakoolt has actually tried it! Way to go Google. This is pretty cool! Looking forward to more and more applications and life problems that Google Goggles will solve


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Boy is it a¬†struggle¬†to find a free WiFi hotspot in Oman! It’s all about paying. This is NOT cool as people will be¬†restricted¬†of accessing the wealth of information available on the world wide web!! With the exception of spread and random open WiFi networks, all other hotspots in cafes and public places seem to be¬†controlled¬†by OmanTel. Gotta love Starbuck though for providing “free” WiFi vouchers with your purchase!

In the past not having access to you mobile/cell phone was a big deal, now having cell coverage but with no data access due to the ridiculously expensive data-roaming charges, is just un-bearable!