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As part of our projects in eHealth and healthcare, we have been going around in circles trying to figure out how to capture the entire population and register them as patients in this great system. Here in Kuwait, we’re lucky and fortunate to have a unique identifier for each person living in the country; the Civil Identification Number (Civil ID) provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). In Kuwait though we have a unique situation of the “bedoun“.

Mind you this is just my discoveries thus far and it would be interesting to see if others have other information!

“To prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes and other chronic conditions in Kuwait, through effective programmes of research, training, education, and health promotion and thereby improve quality of life in the population.” – Dasman Diabetes Institute

Wow, it’s been quite a while since my last post on my blog!

I quite my job as and joined a great and wonderful institution where I am appreciated and trusted. I am now a clinical informatician in training 🙂 The 8-5 job is definitely taking up a lot of my day and thus no so much time for blogging 🙂 I will however blog as much as possible!

We will never forget!

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Khaleejesque had wonderful posts for the special occasion of Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days! My two favorites were the ones below (click on the images for the detailed posts):

Project REUSE 3.0 is almost here and I’m so excited to go see what these creative and environmentally aware people been up to. Should be FUN 🙂

“REUSE is a 3-day exhibition whereby community members come together to recreate innovative design solutions in the realms of shelters, furniture, sculpture, artwork and more from scrap found around and about Kuwait …

REUSE 3.0 will be hosted at The Avenues, Parking Lot D9, from the 7th to the 9th of December and will feature a dynamic mix of original artistic works by professionals, artists, students, and youth in general. The exhibition will be open to the public from 6pm to 9pm in addition to an allocated time for primary school student trips during the hours of 9am to 1pm.” –

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Yup, Google’s long-awaited Chrome OS, a.k.a. Chromium OS is finally here for us to play with 🙂

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Nakoolt, I’ve managed to try it out on my desktop!! I used my old Windows XP machine and loaded the .vmdk file onto a VirtualBox machine. The thing worked like a charm, but was slow 😦 I’m gonna try it out on my desktop @ work tomorrow when I get some free time. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!

For more information and instructions that worked well for me, click here.

Meanwhile, enjoy the YouTube video Google posted on their official Chromium OS project page:

The Healthcare Human Factors Group presents a montage of usability testing clips highlighting user frustration with healthcare technology.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“About 4 million people are now getting AIDS drugs worldwide — a 10-fold jump in five years — but 5 million others are still in dire need of the medicine, U.N. health officials estimated in a report issued Wednesday. The figures represented a major increase in rolling out drugs to patients across Africa, where the AIDS epidemic is focused, even though they were based on incomplete data and modeling.” – Maria Cheng, AP

That’s a HUGE number! I wish one day pharmaceutical companies start investing in various funds to help support their research, rather than jacking up the price of various meds and drugs that only people of a certain social strata can afford. I’ve seen first hand what HIV/AIDS does to people and their families in Tanzania! It’s time the world takes action!!