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That’s right! Since we’re an organization that promotes a healthy living lifestyle and proud owners of two Wii game consoles, that have never been used since April at least, I took the liberty to move one up to our IT team area and hooked it up to the TV up there and have been playing during breaks with others 🙂 This is AWESOME. I love my workplace 🙂

Gotta love Wii Sports!

With the new year festivities and all the lads at Chalet, a dear friend/bro brought his xbox and the new KINECT! I’m amazed how great of a gadget it is and I would think it’s probably a new hit when it comes to video games that encourage physical activity, like the Wii-Fit!

Now what’s cool about Kinect is that it doesn’t require holding or wearing any gadgets, and it even saves those precious moments you have with your friends while in action! That’s cool 🙂 The one thing to consider though is the privacy of such pictures and how they are stored/shared.

Good move Microsoft!

Yahooooo! The new iMacs I ordered at work with the blessing of management have made their way to work and the kids are loving them. I’m amazed how little intervention or introduction these kids needed to learn how to hop on them and start playing the games and surfing the web (parental controls enabled) 🙂

I can’t wait for the electronic material that is targeted to these young diabetic and host it on these machines and provide an avenue to these children. Today’s the second day of operation for these macs and so far approximately 20 kids or so have come across them!

Job well done Apple. Update on the games used and the experiences to follow in another post soon inshallah.

“Federation of American Scientists has developed a freely downloadable video game that simulates some of the processes going on in the body. The FAS has even initiated a study to see whether kids become more receptive of the relevant concepts.” – Michael, Medgadget

Good stuff! About time, but definitely would be nicer if the graphics were enhanced a bit, had a plot and a story line 🙂 Download it here!

While out with my friends, Dino, decided to buy the new Call of Duty, but for his Xbox! I treated myself to the video game as an Eid gift to myself 🙂 The game is amazing so far! I love ALL the Call of Duties on my PS3 …

And hey, great exercise for the brain! Video games are healthy, but with limits! Studies showed that even healthcare professionals, like surgeons, can benefit from playing video games due to the hand-eye coordination.

If you’re from “those people” that think that gaming is good for nothing, think again!! Simon Scarle, a computer scientist at the University in Warwick, has modded Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which

“produces data tracking how the electrical signals in the heart moves about damaged cells, creating a model of it. The model can then be used to help doctors to identify defects and disturbances in the heart’s beating. This significantly decreases the costs and complications of creating a model of the heart, which is currently done by supercomputers and is very expensive.” – Laura June, Engadget

Nintendo announced that they are releasing a Pulse Oximeter for the Wii! According to their press release they want to “provide information to the users about the body’s inner world.”!! Sean Duffy of Medgadget made an interesting sarcastic suggestion that it may help ending a scary game of Resident Evil if you’re heart is too scared or too weak … GAME OVER!!

Or maybe it can serve as a remote monitoring tool for patients who require monitoring and electronically transmitting the data while making the process FUN 🙂

But seriously, this is cool!

[via Medgadget]