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Dedicated to my “Dingee” friends! I think this is the trend moving forward and it seems a very interesting one when it comes to healthcare and delivering/sharing of health information.

So I wake up one day to find my buddy, Nakoolt, emailing us about this new Google Buzz! This is what Google had to say:

“Share updates, photos, videos, and more.
Start conversations about the things you find interesting.”

Maybe this is their way of saying: “Bring it on twitter!!!” 🙂 Definitely is an interesting and some-what cool app, but the current issue being privacy of your “buzz”es! Although it has been fixed by Google, I am still finding my way around it and trying to figure it out. Now you can customize who to share your “buzz” with.

Lets see if this new product can take over twitter, or better yet, collaborate and build something stronger!!

I’m using it on both my Android and Gmail 🙂 Pretty sweet!

“At Google we believe that open systems win. They lead to more innovation, value, and freedom of choice for consumers, and a vibrant, profitable, and competitive ecosystem for businesses.” – A Googler, Official Google Blog

The city of Los Angeles has moved on and bought into the Google Cloud! Accourding to Google’s Official blog:

Today we’d like to officially welcome another customer to the mix: the City of Los Angeles. Starting today, Los Angeles will be equipping 34,000 city employees with Google Apps for email and collaboration in the cloud. –

Wonder if our government will do the same? Some how I doubt we will since it’s been locked in with Microsoft. All the best L.A. and enjoy the wonders of G-Apps 🙂

My friend, MBH, has just invited me to catch the Google Wave! Thanks MBH 🙂

I’m so excited to play around with it and see what good can come out of this! Let’s see what tricks this puppy can do :d

“The Twitter name “@arjanelfassed” is not only the Twitter account of one Arjan El Fassed; it’s also the name of an actual location, “@ arjanelfassed tweetstreet,” which is now a street in a Palestinian refuge camp. The Dutch website Jouw Eigen Straatnam charges $146 for each of 200 street names in the Askar camp and gives the proceeds to the Palestinian Child Care Society (PCCS), according to Al Fassed, to fund “cultural and expressive after-school activities” for the up to 1,000 children in the camp at its youth center. Part of the program’s allure, he says, is that the corresponding street signs are temporary.” – Eliot Van Buskirk,

Now that’s so awesome! I’m gona try to get one someday, but not so sure how to go about it exactly since the website is in German I think :p But I think all you twitterZ should get your name out there and help support a great cause 🙂

UPDATE: I figured it out with the help of GoogleTranslate! Y’all just wait 🙂

Michael Calore of WebMonkey wrote this interesting post  of titled “8 Things on the Web We’d Like to Throw Down a Black Hole” … It brings back some funny memories and some of his agony I share and understand :p

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
  2. MySpace
  3. Auto-playing audio/video widgets
  4. Drop-down lists in address forms with every country on the planet
  5. #99ff33 (Acid Green Color)
  6. The <blink> tag
  7. Google Base
  8. GIFs