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Yup! That’s right … This might be the future of GREEN racing/street bikes!! I sure hope so 🙂

Tom Miceli, 22 years old, built the Ion as part of his graduation project from the Industrial Design program @ Appalachian State University.

“Miceli stripped ‘96 Kawasaki ZX6 Ninja to the frame and went to work. The result is a DIY electric motorcycle capable of more than 70 mph and a range of 60 miles.” – Dave Eyvazzadeh,

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa! NICE, motorcycles are now becoming friendlier to the environment and mother nature 🙂 Read more about Zero S, the 250 cc motorcycle running on battery juice. Not to say it’s challenging a Ducati Monster, but hey, it’s a good start.

Read more about it in the Engadget review with pics and video.

[via Engadget]