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Been a while

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Personal
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Trying to get back on track and blog about the stuff I enjoy and like! It hasn’t been easy with my busy schedule at work, the dive team, and summer plans!


Working on a major and vital clinical and healthcare informatics project for Kuwait can and is challenging and demanding. It is hectic and messy at times, but it’s all good fun and great experience.

Having to deal with Network design/re-engineering is one heck of a task I must admit, but when there’s a will, there’s a way 🙂 Having said that, what we do may not be the optimal solution, but it will get us by until the end of the day and to drive home a point that it can be done.

We were faced with a problem trying to connect PCs at a hospital to our software hosted at our institute where we had a gateway and a private tunnel to our H.Q. While users enjoyed access to the “WWW” on a separate network in the hospital and wanted to get onto our network, it was challenging, but the solution was to add static routes on two different interfaces (ethernet for our application and wLAN for Internet access) and so far so good!

Let’s see how sustainable that is!

That’s right! Since we’re an organization that promotes a healthy living lifestyle and proud owners of two Wii game consoles, that have never been used since April at least, I took the liberty to move one up to our IT team area and hooked it up to the TV up there and have been playing during breaks with others 🙂 This is AWESOME. I love my workplace 🙂

Gotta love Wii Sports!

Boy is it a struggle to find a free WiFi hotspot in Oman! It’s all about paying. This is NOT cool as people will be restricted of accessing the wealth of information available on the world wide web!! With the exception of spread and random open WiFi networks, all other hotspots in cafes and public places seem to be controlled by OmanTel. Gotta love Starbuck though for providing “free” WiFi vouchers with your purchase!

In the past not having access to you mobile/cell phone was a big deal, now having cell coverage but with no data access due to the ridiculously expensive data-roaming charges, is just un-bearable!

So at work and the with multiple projects coming along in a very demanding fashion with too much details regarding system setup, network infrastructure, and IP addresses, keeping track of them via email is one thing! But keeping track of the emails and hoping that people use proper subject-lines, or even you remembering what you named your subject in the first place becomes chaotic and too much hassle to figure out a small detail!

While we’re approaching setting up a new document sharing platform for the entire organization and our web-developer is busy with that task, I couldn’t stand it any longer!

ACTION! Yup, I’ve deployed MediaWiki on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.10 that I’ve setup on a machine at work! I LOVE IT. This is temp, but nonetheless, it’s resolving my headaches with finding the technicalities and allows for sharing this information across the team and having no excuse for others to delay the documentation until everything is final 🙂 Boy do I hate that stupid excuse!

The installation was painless and straight forward. LOVE IT!

My attempt in blogging from my iPad 🙂

Happy Holidays

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Occasions, Personal

Happy Holidays (Islamic and non)!


Best Regards,

CrazyD Q8 Team (AKA. Nakoolt)