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So I get this picture and a short story of this girl in an email forward and it’s touching. The picture above was taken by a young Syrian photographer, Waseem Khair Baik, who won the Syrian News Agency best picture award for 2009. The story as reported on the AlJaleel website states that the girl in the picture above is only 7 years old and was selling candy while studying in the streets of Damascus, Syria. She refused taking pictures that every-time the photographer tried to snap a pic she’d cover her face with her little hands. After several tries Waseem managed to capture her from a distance of 30 meters with a zoom lens! Waseem named the picture, the Challenge for he thinks that with education one can conquer poverty and hunger.

She deserves a bow and a big bear hug!

May God be with them all … Pray and find ways to help Haiti now:


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” Young American woman travels over to Jerusalem to meet some friends, see the sights, live the life. Overzealous border security officers ask her a bunch of questions, take issue with her answers, and a few well-placed bullets later she is allowed entry into the country with a somewhat altered MacBook in tow. So what can we all learn from this incident? Firstly, back up all the data you consider important; B, Israeli policemen don’t mess about; and 3, distressed laptops look gorgeous no matter how they got there — just look at the way the glass trackpad has wrinkled up from the force of the bullet penetrating near it, it’s a borderline work of art.” Vladislav Savov, Engadget

I definitely wouldn’t want that to be my pool old PowerBook! Although it would be a great excuse to buy a new mac 🙂

Today, December 1st, marks the world’s AIDS day … I can still remember my first trip to Eastern Africa to volunteer with Students for International Change (now Support for International Change) in Tanzania where we were educating locals in rural and remote villages about HIV/AIDS and the stigma associated with it … That was a life-changing trip indeed …

The good news is that

“Data released by UNAIDS and the WHO highlights that beyond the peak and natural course of the epidemic HIV prevention programmes are making a difference. According to 2009 AIDS epidemic update, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years.” –

It’s cool when you see or hear about a familiar place, or your 2nd home in my case, to get on the edge of new technologies and development. I just read on Engadget that Scottsdale, AZ will open a Microsoft Store on October 22nd! NEAT 🙂

Did you know that 1 out of 8 woman gets breast cancer? Now that’s a shocking fact that I hope we find a solution/cure to soon.

October of every year marks the breast cancer awareness month. Many activities/workshops are being held and organized around the world, including Kuwait. For more information about those held here, visit

“Boasting one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, a team of top scientists and a campus where female and male students can mingle freely, Saudi Arabia’s new multi-billion dollar university aims to break both scientific and social barriers.” –  Paul Handley, AFP

This is such a great move! Who’d thought Saudi government would do such a bold move. I’m so for it and hope it works for the best inshallah. It seems like a reputable university and the research areas in which they are involved in seems to be fantastic. Hey, I may even apply there!

You can surf the university’s informative site @