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Posted: January 14, 2011 in Blog, Media & Communication
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A long await shout out for my friend, Salooom! Check out his blog where he writes about the books he read at:

Keep it up Saloooom!


My attempt in blogging from my iPad 🙂

Yet another super cool post by Clinical Dietitian, and Friend, Maryam AlHamad!

“Did you know that the more colorful your plate is, the more years you can add to your life? …. my advice to you is pretty simple: for a healthy variety, think color!” – Maryam AlHamad, Khaleejesque

Way to go Maryam! Keep it up 🙂

A friend of mine, Aisha, have started this new challenge for 2010! She’s going vegan for 365 days and is blogging about her experience. Not that I would go Vegan, but I think what she’s doing is SUPER cool and I’m sure she’ll do great … Support her, or even join her 🙂

G’Luck Aisha 🙂

My good friend Dg, who blogs @ KCAL, forwarded very insightful and somewhat eye opening info @ P0ach:

“I stumbled across this public-awareness campaign launched by the New York Health Department. Basically, it is encouraging people to not drink themselves fat, to cut back on soda and other sugary beverages and go with water, seltzer or low fat milk instead (something we oh so dearly need here in our beloved country)” – Dg. of KCAL @ P0ach

It’s shocking to tell you the truth to find out about these numbers and figures!! So please watch what you’re drinking 🙂 Boy I don’t want to know how much sugar I had after breaking my fast in Ramadan!!

G’Job DG 🙂 Keep up the awesome blogging and awareness spreading!

As part of a new awareness project I’m trying to initiate, and inspired by TeddyB, I invited TurtleT to come all the way from China and shed some light on certain marine environemntal issues here in Kuwait!

Follow TurtleT and his adventures @

“Teddy is an alter ego. He willingly volunteered to be a social experiment to help create a life for someone who is trying to settle back into a society. This person is living vicariously through Teddy by establishing new relations, building a network, starting a new life, and trying new things. Teddy is real, and you can be a part of his life too.” – Teddy B

Now this is a great idea that I hope it catches on fire! This neat idea was sparked by a young Kuwaiti architect that recently moved back to Kuwait and wanted to express her self through Teddy B!! The project will last for 365 days and at the end she’ll sell Teddy B and proceeds will go towards charity.

Boy can I think of a similar great idea! I might copy the idea 🙂

Keep it up TEDDY B!