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While reading up on some of the local blogs for a little homework of marketing an event, I came across BlushBerry’s post on the Nexus One! A picture of an ad was uploaded that markets selling the phone for 229 KD @ electrozan! Bear in mind you might get away with ordering it online for a cheaper price, but it definitely is worth to check out … at least to toy around with the phone 🙂

This is an amazing video with a powerful message!! Buckle-up everybody 🙂

May 19th, 2009 will mark the World Hepatitis Day! Groups from all around the world will join efforts to raise awareness of this life-threatening disease.

“One in 12 people worldwide is afflicted with one or the other (Hepatities B or C) – 600,000 of them in Canada. While this is far higher than the prevalence of HIV or any cancer, awareness is inexplicably low and the majority of those infected are unaware.” – Canadian Hemophilia Society

A wonderful friend of our invited us to a facebook group that she is trying to market in Kuwait to raise awareness about Hepatitis. Here’s the link to the page on facebook.

Thanks Dimazzzzzzzzz 😀

Science fiction maybe a strong word! Now it’s more like reality …

“Yahoo Japan has jumped into the fray, with a little help from Comel, a Japanese company that manufactures billboards. The two firms are collaborating on electronic signage that photographs passersby, analyses it using NEC’s facial analysis technology, and guesstimates his or her age. Once the demo is confirmed, the device spits out appropriate advertising content. According to the poorly translated press release, the “face image data” is then erased, saving only a record of the passerby’s age and sex — so you Civil Libertarians can rest easily. Right.” – Joseph L. Flatley, Engadget

[via Engadget]

WOHAAAA! This creation from Sony is pretty nifty if you ask me!

“the heart is apparently built (by special effects house Artem) almost entirely from Sony gear, including parts from BRAVIA TVs, Blu-ray players, VAIO laptops, Cybershot cameras, PS3s, and even the odd Walkman.” –

What a cool piece of art! It’s reported that the heart will be used in TV ads to be aired during England’s World Cup qualifying campaign.

[via Engadget]