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Posted: January 14, 2011 in Blog, Media & Communication
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A long await shout out for my friend, Salooom! Check out his blog where he writes about the books he read at:

Keep it up Saloooom!

My attempt in blogging from my iPad 🙂

Yesterday I attended this very valuable workshop about Open Source here in Kuwait! I never imagined that this would be possible in this part of the world!! The speakers were excellent and a lot of good information was over-viewed. I also have had the opportunity to register to become a founding member of “Gartner’s Diwaniya”, an IT professional networking forum! The notes I’ve taken and submitted to work can be found here on my Scribd Account 🙂 Enjoy!

While reading up on some of the local blogs for a little homework of marketing an event, I came across BlushBerry’s post on the Nexus One! A picture of an ad was uploaded that markets selling the phone for 229 KD @ electrozan! Bear in mind you might get away with ordering it online for a cheaper price, but it definitely is worth to check out … at least to toy around with the phone 🙂

So I get this picture and a short story of this girl in an email forward and it’s touching. The picture above was taken by a young Syrian photographer, Waseem Khair Baik, who won the Syrian News Agency best picture award for 2009. The story as reported on the AlJaleel website states that the girl in the picture above is only 7 years old and was selling candy while studying in the streets of Damascus, Syria. She refused taking pictures that every-time the photographer tried to snap a pic she’d cover her face with her little hands. After several tries Waseem managed to capture her from a distance of 30 meters with a zoom lens! Waseem named the picture, the Challenge for he thinks that with education one can conquer poverty and hunger.

She deserves a bow and a big bear hug!

This is an amazing video with a powerful message!! Buckle-up everybody 🙂

Yet another super cool post by Clinical Dietitian, and Friend, Maryam AlHamad!

“Did you know that the more colorful your plate is, the more years you can add to your life? …. my advice to you is pretty simple: for a healthy variety, think color!” – Maryam AlHamad, Khaleejesque

Way to go Maryam! Keep it up 🙂