Wireless eHealth for Kuwait

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Computing, Health, Kuwait, Medical Informatics, Public Health, Technology
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And off we go #eHealth #Network project on Twitpic

Given the state of infrastructure we have in Kuwait for electronic networks and how unfortunately we are behind in comparison to other countries worldwide for wired connectivity (fiber/cable) to as close as possible to the last mile, we have just started exploring with WIMD Kuwait on a PoC testing wireless network delivery for Internet and Point-to-Point networks for our eHealth projects! Very excited for the outcomes and let’s see how this one will go

  1. Salem says:

    You know, a senior manager at a major ISP here in Kuwait told me the other day that the lack of standards that govern the types of wiring used by MOC is what’s really affecting the performance of wired telecommunication here in Kuwait–he was speaking chiefly about DSL internet, of course. He went on to say that a house may have an excellent wiring due to the quality of cables used to connect him with major telecom hubs, while his neighbor may have lousy wiring just because the ministry contractor who did his house’s cables chose poor quality cables with improper specifications.

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