The WiFi infrastructure in Oman

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Mobile, Personal, Technology
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Boy is it a struggle to find a free WiFi hotspot in Oman! It’s all about paying. This is NOT cool as people will be restricted of accessing the wealth of information available on the world wide web!! With the exception of spread and random open WiFi networks, all other hotspots in cafes and public places seem to be controlled by OmanTel. Gotta love Starbuck though for providing “free” WiFi vouchers with your purchase!

In the past not having access to you mobile/cell phone was a big deal, now having cell coverage but with no data access due to the ridiculously expensive data-roaming charges, is just un-bearable!

  1. nemo says:

    oh i couldn’t enjoy my vacation in lebanon because of the internet! not so many wifi hotspots and NO data link service for the iphone!

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