World, Get Ready for Nexus S!

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Computing, Mobile, Technology
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I think Google have made the right call on naming this device the Nexus S 🙂 S for Super perhaps!

The phone is loaded with features that you can check out for yourself here ( but once and for all, this marks the first phone with MEGA internal storage 🙂

The one thing I think this device will lack is the “quietly brilliant” HTC sense UI 😦 Excited for it nonetheless and Can’t wait to get Gingerbread on all other Android Devices!

I’ve tried to look it up on the bestBuy website, but I was blocked from my Kuwaiti IP address!! WTH. Anyways, if there’s a will, there’s a way and via using a U.S. based proxy service (CoDeen Network) I managed to get a peak.

It’s being sold at $199.99* with a 2-year contract with T-Mobile, but can also be purchased unlocked with no strings attached for $529.99.

iPhone, you’ve been warned!

  1. AnxiousNut says:

    Well here’s another interpretation of the name! Google released there first Google phone a long while ago, it was called Nexus One! Samsung released its Android phone months ago, it’s called Galaxy S! This time Google made a contract with Samsung to make this phone! Thus ‘Nexus S’ from Samsung!

    Another reason that ensures me that this is th reason behind this name is the design! It got 90% if not more from Galaxy S (I own one)! If you haven’t seen my post on them a week or so ago on, you can check it out here! Oh and here’s another thing, the ‘S’ logo is identical on both devices! 😀

    As for the UI, I haven’t tried HTC sense, but have tried the sucky samsung TouchWiz UI!! I couldn’t take it, I switched to AWD! IT’S BLAZING FAST, and pretty customizable too! I think you should give it a try!

    And oh yeah, iPhone uses, you have been warned! XD

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