Android 2.1 is on my Droid Milestone!

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Mobile, Technology
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Yup! That’s so right … I’ve updated my Milestone Droid to 2.1!!! Manually 🙂 Thanks to the post engadget had on their site. The experience was painless and straight forward, but I’ll have to caution you that you’re proceeding on your own risk!

Here’s what their sources said and what I did on my Windows Vista (32 bit) platform 🙂  :

  1. Download RDS Lite and install it on your PC
  2. Download the Motorola updater and install it on your PC
  3. Download the file from the 2.1 update and unpack it (with WinRAR for example)
  4. Turn your phone off, and start it again with the up arrow button (the D-pad)
  5. Then you’ll get a black screen with the text: ‘Ok to program “
  6. Connect your device with the USB cable to your PC and start RDS Lite program
  7. Select the update file in RDS Lite (unzipped 2.1 update file .SBF format that you downloaded in step 3) and press start
  8. Let it do it’s own thing until you’re rebooted
  9. Please wait, et voila, you’re on Android 2.1  🙂

*Note: Your droid will become as if it went through a factory reset!


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