Fedora on my OLD Mac Powerbook G4!

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Computing, Personal, Technology
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So I wanted to find myself a useful education project/challenge and have decided to upgrade or downgrade (however you wanna look at it 🙂 ) my PowerBook G4 with a flavor of Linux! Randomly I have chosen Fedora based on some reviews I read! Keep in mind I’m limited with the technology I can use since my hardware architecture is OLD!!!!

Fedora 12 gave me trouble when it came to partitioning!!! I went with the MAC OSX’s installation DVD to format the HD first, installed Ubuntu 6.10. I could’ve been OK with Ubuntu, but the mouse on my PowerBook was barely moving and unresponsive! VERY annoying! But from there, I was able to “replace” the existing Linux system with Fedora 12! I’m half way through with the installation and let’s hope this works out 🙂

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