Woman and Kids Sports Day!

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Education, Health, Personal, Public Health
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I met with lovely Lulwa AlAyoub (a.k.a. Lulu) and her sister Balsam today and was very inspired and excited about their cause and social entrepreneurship work they are doing not only in Kuwait, but around the world as well! They are trying to promote sports as means of empowerment for women and young females, and if you know the Arab world any better, you know that females are undeserved and represented in sports.

Be an advocate, attend the event if you’re a female living in Kuwait, and if not, spread the word around and mark your calendars for the 6th of March 2010!

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An idea of two sports champions namely Balsam and Lulwa Al Ayoub, who won the International Ashoka Social Creativity Organization Fellowship Award in the field of enabling women through sports in 2009-2010.


Project Organized by: Touché Sports Development Management Company.

Patronage and sponsoring entities: Local and international private sector companies, which work on supporting the society through Corporate Social Responsibility and women support programs, and youth and children programs. It is a project that includes the segment of: Ladies, Young Women and children from ages 6 -100

The aim of the day is:

– Empower women and change the young minds in creating an attitude of being active and not passive.

– Spread the principle of awareness and sports culture for women especially in our society, which in it women sports are restricted in certain angles that are difficult for them to surpass due to beliefs and inherited social traditions.

– Restrict the spread of modern fatal diseases such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer and heart illnesses that infliction of individuals by them in a large way is related to the lack of good health awareness, sports activities and good health education.

– Create a quantum leap in understanding the sports programs, general activities that are organized for serving society and fall under the aims of social responsibilities program.

– Sports and environment is an international perception linked to social responsibility at various corporations and international sporting companies that aim for preservation the environment through the practice of sports activities and programs in open areas, and this type of programs fortifies in the individuals’ mind their role in preserving the environment, which permits them to enjoy a healthy environment through outdoor sporting programs and activities.

Morning schedule to include: Young girls & Children fitness programs. Ladies floor workouts, relaxation techniques, connect with nature programs , lectures on fitness and sports.

Afternoon Schedule Launch of team sports: Volleyball , Basketball, Soccer and Badminton matches to begin.

Tickets for sale:

under 12 / 3 KD
12+ / 5 KD
Teams / 30 KD per team.

contact: info@touchekuwait.com for more info or call: 94044885

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