The Challenge!

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Global, Media & Communication, News, Personal
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So I get this picture and a short story of this girl in an email forward and it’s touching. The picture above was taken by a young Syrian photographer, Waseem Khair Baik, who won the Syrian News Agency best picture award for 2009. The story as reported on the AlJaleel website states that the girl in the picture above is only 7 years old and was selling candy while studying in the streets of Damascus, Syria. She refused taking pictures that every-time the photographer tried to snap a pic she’d cover her face with her little hands. After several tries Waseem managed to capture her from a distance of 30 meters with a zoom lens! Waseem named the picture, the Challenge for he thinks that with education one can conquer poverty and hunger.

She deserves a bow and a big bear hug!


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