Finally running Android 2.0.1

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Mobile, Personal, Technology
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YAHOOOO! I finally managed to update my Milestone Droid to 2.0.1 🙂 Not that it made much difference, but I noticed a very slight improvement in use and battery life … Ow and let’s not forget the cooler looking screens now

Android … I LOVE YOU 🙂 So excited about 2.1, and can’t wait until Motorola rolls it out!

  1. MBH says:

    I have just ordered the Nexus One for a simple reason: I’m sick of waiting for HTC to roll out Android 2.1 on HTC Hero. They’ve been delaying since December!

    Also, they’re bound to stop releasing updates for the phone in a year or two to force you to buy a new phone; one that you don’t need.

    So, by buying from Google, I get assurance that any future updates will be available directly from Google on my phone 😀

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