Keep an eye on your Glucose levels

Posted: December 27, 2009 in Design, Health, Medical, Medical Informatics, Public Health, Technology
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Yup, that’s right! These contact lenses will change color when a diabetic patient wears them informing him/her that his/her glucose levels are too low or too high! What an achivement for University of Western Ontario researchers.

” The secret to their contacts are some “extremely small” nanoparticles that are embedded in the hydrogel lenses which, like some similar systems (such as those pictured at right), react to the glucose molecules in tears and cause a chemical reaction that changes the color of the lenses — thereby informing the wearer when their blood sugar is too low or too high.” – Donald Melanson, Engadget

  1. That’s when the excess glucose in the blood gets stored as fat rather than burned as energy.

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