My great friend @ KCAL posted this on her blog about Gulf Smoke Out Day:

“Smokers: Would it be so hard to stop for just one day? Just one? On Thursday the 1st October this year we challenge you to stop smoking those cigarettes and name this day ‘GULF SMOKE OUT DAY’.” – KCAL

We met up last night for some K4K related work and she even gave me small cards promoting a competition for the public! Whoever collect the most cigarette boxes (from friends, family members, or even random people on the streets 🙂 ) and drops them off @ a drop off location might be their lucky winner!

I’m very excited that I’ll ride out with Kuwait’s BMW Club this afternoon in participation and show support for this awesome campaign. I’ll update you all with pics and stories from the ride/event 😀

Meanwhile, “Convince, force, or do whatever you have to do to stop your smoker friends from smoking on October 1st 2009.” – KCAL



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