Posted: September 23, 2009 in Computing, Technology
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I just had enough of Vista! My poor ‘o2 VAIO desktop couldn’t take it anymore. Despite all upgrades to the graphics card + maxing out the RAM to 2GB, the computer couldn’t take even my regular surfing on YouTube!!

I decided to actually install Windows 7 and compare it to Vista on such old hardware, but I couldn’t because both my DVD and CDRW drives failed on me 😦 I might just try to do an upgrade from the ISO image, but hey, I’m so happy to be back on XP. Thank god for Sony’s smooth recovery option 🙂

Similarly, I had the same with my OLD PowerBook G4 which was running Leopard when it should’ve run Tiger. I downgraded and did a fresh install and now it’s back to the good old performance 🙂

I guess the lesson here, always always buy the newer hardware with the new OS! Going cheap like I did will get you by for some time, 5 years I say 😀 Non the less, it’s a great experience to do it all.


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