Lil J, the Massai Worrier

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Community Service, Education, Personal
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One of the most memorable moments of my 2009 trip to Kenya this summer with K4K was with a street kid named Jackson! I’ve been slacking off on writing the story, but since I took the time and write it for MH to post on our article @ Khaleejesque, I’ve copied and pasted what was published there 😛 Enjoy!

Dala, this is for you 😀

” In 2009’s trip we meet a 10-year old street-kid named Jackson on the stairs of the Mombasa Youth Counseling Center (MYCC). He was sitting and talking with the security guard when we walked in the other day. He spoke very little English but spoke Swahili and Massai fluently, so we had to speak to him with our some-what ok Swahili or get help from MYCC youth to translate for us. Jackson came to Mombasa on a truck on his own about a year ago. He ran away from home, for reasons we couldn’t figure out. Victor, an MYCC youth coordinator, provided a safe and clean shelter for Jackson as he allowed him to stay at the center. We asked Jackson how we can help him achieve what he’s aspiring for and what it is that he needs. Little did we know we’d get a surprising answer! He replied without any hesitation or thought: “Mimi nataka kwenda shule” which translates: “I want to go to school.” We were very happy and amazed. We were expecting an answer along the lines of: I want food, clothes, toys, money, etc. But for him to come and say I want to be in school and get educated was awesome. With the help of Victor and searching the Internet/local ads to find a new home/organization that would take care of Jackson and support him throughout his education, we were fortunate to find WEMA, a center for rescuing and sheltering street-children. Jackson was very happy and excited we helped him by finding WEMA and was very grateful for sponsoring him to go to school. To see how excited he got and how he quickly he packed all his belongings in a plastic bag, rushing out with the WEMA counselor was definitely a memorable moment we all will not forget.”

  1. Sara says:

    absolutely love the title dario! amazing memory im sure, wish i was there!

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