Zimbabwe’s AIDS Orphans

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Medical
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“Nearly 400 adults die from HIV-related deaths every day in Zimbabwe … Per capita, Zimbabwe has more orphans than any country in the world, and school enrollment is falling. “- James Elder, UNICEF

I came across this interesting ePhoto Journal on BBC.com! It’s sad, but I think its important that more and more people are aware of the consequences that HIV is having on humans around the globe, especially those in sub-Saharan Africa. I can speak of experience when I volunteered for 10 weeks in rural/remote areas of Tanzania teaching about HIV/AIDS.

I sure hope we can find a solution to this killer soon!

  1. ColtonCat says:

    The solution to this killer is as much as scientific one as it is a social one. I am of the belief that educating children to reach their potential and empowering them to make choices that will ultimate change the outcome in Africa.

    Ridding Africa of AIDS is going to be a long term process, as the disease is just a symptom of a plethora of intermingled situations, both historical, political, economic and social.

    How to fix it, I think is to work with one child at a time. Check out http://12millionorphans.com.

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