Swine Flu Virus now infecting computers!

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Computing, Global, News, Technology
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“Cyber criminals are taking advantage of swine flu fears with e-mails promising news on the illness which then infect computers with a virus, a Spanish computer security firm warned Friday. The e-mails invite recipients to open a document with information claiming the H1N1 flu virus was developed by pharmaceutical firms seeking to make huge profits from the outbreak, Pandasecurity said in a statement.

But if the document is opened, a virus is installed on the person’s computer which can steal personal information like bank account data.AFP via GoogleNews

It’s not enough that the world is living in some chaos due to the “real” swine flu, now geeks are trying to terrorize your computers and steal important information! Yup, be careful now and don’t open any suspicious email. But hey, you should always do that anyway 🙂


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