Phone Radiation!

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Design, Medical, Mobile, Technology
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My good friend MOH has just sent me a link to this great website, Environmental Working Group, where you can find information regarding your cell/mobile phone radiation rates!

AHN, another good friend, had an interesting observation where he noted that unfortunately our blackberries (most popular Bold & Curve) and iPhones have high radiation rates! T-Mobile’s G1 Android isn’t far better off either 😦 With all such great applications that are coming out constantly for healthcare and medicine, it’s a shame to see that these devices aren’t radiation-friendly to our bodies.

By far, Apple might’ve been the good example where it lowered the radiation of the iPhone with it’s new iPhone 3GS. It still needs to work harder to bring it to lower count, but i hope they were actively thinking about it and it wasn’t a result of an accident and luck!


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