Medication caps transmit reminders over wireless!

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Design, Medical, Medical Informatics, Technology
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“GlowCap, a product of Vitality out of Cambridge, MA, is a bottle cap that reminds patients to take their meds on a regular schedule.” – Michael, Medgadget

Now this is a neat gadget that is very very useful.The cap glows when it’s time to take your meds and even transmits data to your physician for monitoring and pharmacy for re-fill if needed. Oh, and apparently they didn’t leave out social networks out of the picture!

I wish we use bottles here in Kuwait at the government pharmacies and I wish we can get such product. It will save the sick a lot of headache and make sure people stick to their medication timings. This is especially important with antibiotics.

One thing to note is, privacy! I hope the developers of this great product have thought through the security and privacy of the information while in transmission.

Now that might be a cool gadget to be on someone’s wish-list 🙂

  1. What if you wanted something that had mroe features though? Here at RememberItNow! we offer a text-message medication reminder service.

    RememberItNow! was developed by our founder Pam Swingley to help Pam’s father manage his Glaucoma treatments, medications and retain his independence.

    RememberItNow! users can:

    *Set up medication and event reminders sent via email or text message (reminders are not an extra charge), they are received under the user’s current text messaging plan.

    *Create a private care community to enable care coordination, long-distance care giving, and more.

    *Simplify health care with more health tools like a health journal, health statistics charts, website bookmarks, calendar sharing, medication reports and contact management.

    We hope our service helps others take control of their health or the health care of someone they love.

    Watch our story here:

    For more information visit us here:

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