Feeling sick … ER drive-through might be just for you in case you’re in a rush!

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Design, Medical, Medical Informatics
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WOHA! Yup, you heard me right … Drive through ERs might be on the way. It definitely is some interesting concept that I can see working to some limit šŸ™‚

“Having people with contagious conditions like, say, swine flu siting in a crowded ER waiting room is not an ideal public health situation. So Stanford Hospital is testing a drive-through ER, where patients get treated in their cars …

Stanford conducted a full-scale pilot test back in June, in which the Red Cross provided 50 vehicles and fake patients. A local radio station told patients what to expect as they sat in their cars, and provided information on wait times.” – Shirley S. Wang, WSJ Health Blog


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