Guardians of the Sea

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Community Service, Environmental, Personal
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Me pushing a huge truck tire dumped at 5 meters deep @ Umm Almaradim island

Lately I have been busy helping out at Kuwait Dive Team (KDT). A team that dedicated its efforts, time, and lives to protect the marine environment. Back in 2003, a writer gave the title “Guardians of the Sea” to KDT. Yesterday I was in charge of a 36 ft boat all by myself. It was tricky to get it out of the docks with the windy conditions, but hey, I got everybody to Umm Almaradim island safely 🙂 The sea was rough, but so was the training I got from the team. It pays off at the end to be well rounded and get taught by the best of the best!

Yesterday’s trip was a continuation to the team’s efforts in underwater clean-ups. We lifted 20+ tons of waste or so and oh get this: 6 explosives and an Iraqi cannon!!! Yup, you heard right … What’s scary about all this is the fact that we found all this @ 3 meters deep only where all boats anchor when coming to the island! Thank God no one got hurt all these years.

I hope we sent a powerful message to the Kuwaiti Army and Coast Guard to do a better job @ securing our waters and protecting our people. Somehow I doubt this will happen anytime soon, but hey, this might be a start and change can take time 🙂

Proud to be a “Guardian of the Sea” 😀

  1. Laialy_q8 says:

    ya36eekom alf 3afyaa .. you are doing great things 🙂

    • dhuwail says:

      Hehe, Allah ye3afeech ow thanks for your kind support 😉 Keep us in your prayers and thoughts … Ow and spread the word around 😀

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