Kuwait’s e-Government!! Are you kidding me?!

Posted: August 2, 2009 in Kuwait, News, Politics, Technology
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As I was catching up on my round of daily news checking (both local and international), I came across this interesting news clip published in AlQabas Newspaper (local newspaper in Arabic). The Central Agency for Information Technology of Kuwait (CAIT) announced that they’ve invested in a new system labeled z890 to serve various governmental bodies, including different ministries, to provide e-service to citizens of Kuwait. I was all excited when I read the news clip, but I wanted to know more about this “state-of-the-art” z890 system that will enable Kuwait’s e-Government to process 500K requests.

My good friend “Google” told me about “z890” when I asked that it’s an IBM mainframe for meduim sized enterprises! One of the top hits was an article from ComputerWorld featuring the above-mentioned system. The Article was titled “IBM unveils z890 mainframe server“. The article was dated April 7, 2004!!! I believe today’s date is August 2, 2009. You do the math.

Hey, maybe z890 is all we need. NOT! When I quickly browsed to IBM’s website, I found that now they’re offering z10 systems (enterprise class and business class)!

I must say though that I did not necessarily study the requirements of CAIT or what their budgetary constraints are, but I sure hope that who ever made the decision did their homework and are aware of their choice. All in all, it’s not something to be proud of! It’s like going around and telling people, “Hey! We just installed Windows 98 to offer better services!!!” with all due respect Microsoft of course.

As my friend Salem always says “I wish I can go into their head and see what were they thinking at the time”!

  1. Dala says:

    what’s up homie!!! i just saw that you have a blog!!! and i’m on your roll.. must add you to mine ๐Ÿ™‚ miss you guys and kenya sooo sooo much!

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