2 Kuwaitis climb the Himalayas to raise funds

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Kuwait, News
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Yup, you got that right! Abeer AlOmar & Haneen AlRumaihi, alongside 15 others from multiple nationalities, hiked 70+ KM of the Himalayas on a 7-day trip and in harsh weather conditions. They embarked on this adventure to raise more than 25,000 Kuwaiti Dinars which were donated to a charity for a mobile health clinic and an educational center in India. The two ladies reached the highest point, 3660 M above sea-level to overlook Mt. Everest!

What an adventure! I should try that one day, except hiking was never my thing! Take me sailing across the globe, now that’s a challenge 😀

[via AlQabas Newspaper – Arabic]

  1. Haneen Alrumaihi says:


    thank you v much for highlighting this in yout blog. we appreciate it… yes i agree, you should try it one day, and i am telling you, its not only worth the try, but also will make you love doing it again

    Haneen Alrumaihi

    • dhuwail says:

      The pleasure is all mine! It’s such a great thing to see that we have wonderful people from our beloved Kuwait who do amazing things like this. Keep it up!

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