SOME “Kuwaiti ‘doctors’ graduate without attending classes”

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Kuwait, News, Personal, Politics, Technology
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A full-fledged report/investigation carried out by AlQabas newspaper was cited today, for your luck, in English by Kuwait Times! The investigation dealt with the problem of fake degrees and how some Kuwaiti students bay their way though college and higher degrees. This causes huge problems in areas of technical and work that involves people’s lives like medicine, architecture, … etc

“the newspaper’s investigation pointed out that the Ministry of Health has continuously asked the Ministry of Education to reconsider its recognition of some foreign universities which grant medical degrees to unqualified and untrained students, leading to their qualifications being certified by the Ministry of Education and allowing them to work in medicine, putting the lives of the public at risk.” – Kuwait Times

I do deal with some of these poeple on a daily basis! Not that I’m sure that they bought their degrees, but for sure know they know nothing about what they studied!!!!!! Yup, we do have “computer/IT engineers” who don’t even know how to turn on bluetooth on their own laptops! Can’t you Google a solution idiot!!!!! We don’t all know everything after all

  1. ngoldfarb says:

    I think those doctors come to America and become HMO doctors

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