“Zimbabwe girls trade sex for food”

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Global, News
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I was so shocked and troubled when I read this on BBC.com! What a sad thing to hear about.

“Growing numbers of children in Zimbabwe are turning to prostitution to survive, the charity Save the Children says.

The aid agency says increasing poverty is leading girls as young as 12 to sell their bodies for as little as a packet of biscuits.” – Mike Thomson, BBC

A 14 year old girl said that many of her peers became prostitutes! She continued “I don’t want to do that but life is so difficult, so very difficult. Both my parents are dead and I rarely see my two sisters. Recently I stood by the river and I thought about throwing myself in but I didn’t. I don’t know why.”

What happened WORLD! Have we failed the innocent children that we can’t even provide them with their basic needs … And what worthless sons of …. who would accept sex with a child for a packet of biscuits. This is so messed up!!These ….. should be punished killed for their horrible doings …

The least we can do about this is lobbying and telling people around us. It’s true we can’t change the entire world in a second, but we must do something about it.


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