A victory from Venus!

Posted: May 18, 2009 in Personal, Politics
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What a day it was on May 16th 2009! Not only did it mark the anniversary of women to have their political rights, but now it also marks their strong victory into the parliament. Not that I fully agree with some of the women elected, but I am happy to see that democracy prevailed in the end and that women’s voice will be heard loud and clear. Maybe the men in the parliament will learn a thing or two from our highly educated and well versed elected women 🙂

BBC’s report of this wonderful news

Logistically, I was up and running for 14 hours (6:00 am – 8:00 pm), then played football for an hour! Yup, I was pretty much out as soon as laid on my bed 😀 it was all worth it though. Gave first-aid to only two youngsters who manged to get bruised by falling out on the street. Nothing major really.

I hope next year we’ll have a higher participation rate than this year’s reported 57%!!


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