G’Sites … Not liking the restrictions!

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Politics, Technology
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While helping out a 2009 Kuwait parliamentary election’s candidate, who is also a family friend, I had to deal with Google’s web hosting service – Google Sites!

One of the people working for this candidate’s campaign rushed into buying a domain with Google sites without any consultation of any IT expert or web developers … I guess, it was made easy via Google. Due to the tightened security of what you can do and can’t do on Google’s web hosting service, I just found it really difficult to customize the website at least to my standards …I guess I get why Google does this, but it’s restrictive limited!

Don’t get me wrong, this service is great for persons who are not experienced with website development and who need a site rapidly deployed and updated via a web browser. It’s just like editing a Google Document and publishing it immediately!

Nonetheless, I’ve seen examples of websites that utilize this service and they are great, but it probably took them time to understand the platform to customize it to their needs and liking.

Words of wisdom: consult experts prior to developing your web site. There are many resources on the Internet to help with that. I’m not going to favour one, because it’ll all depend on your preference.


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