I have recently received a comment on my blog from Mr. Jay Drayer of CareFlash.com telling me to “Keep up the great work”. Thanks Jay!

Nonetheless, Jay was kind enough to provide his contact details including a website, and when I surfed to it, I was amazed! Yup, CareFlash.com is a great free web portal that aims at creating a web-based community.

CareFlash is a free service for patients or caregivers and their loved ones to share information and support during a health care event, long term care or hospitalization. Make it easy on yourself to keep everyone informed during a difficult or eventful time, so all your loved ones can feel close to you even if you don’t have time to call each of them.

CareFlash assists in addressing fear and anxiety surrounding healthcare circumstances by delivering unprecedented, world-class, advocacy and education. CareFlash provides a common place on the Internet, to and from which people may submit, retrieve and share information and well-wishes surrounding a loved one’s health circumstances. In the respective context of each community, we serve-up hundreds of 3-D healthcare animations on disorders, procedures and anatomical function, all produced with world-class quality and accuracy, and narrated in plain language. The animations are also available in Spanish and Arabic with more languages to come in 2009.

CareFlash also allows the caretaker to reach-out to their community, unobtrusively facilitating the communication of needs and preferences, allowing loved ones to donate time, meals or services during a dire time. All of these features are intuitively organized in a private, invitation-only website, unique to each given patient. – CareFlash.com

This is awesome Jay and I am very honored to have you as a reader to my blog and hope you come back and keep us posted about CareFlash. You Keep up the AWESOME WORK 😀

  1. Jay Drayer says:

    Thanks so much for the glowing post! And your graphics are beyond reproach!

    We want to offer you a favor in return…
    Today, more than ever before, health providers and bloggers alike are challenged for time and competing priorities. It can prove daunting for many people where they receive complex explanations around diagnoses (amid heightened stress) using plastic models, white boards or brochures. Patients and caretakers struggle to understand and retain what is being shared, knowing that shortly they will be called-upon, over-and-over-again to share what they have learned with their well-meaning family members and friends.

    It’s an everyday circumstance where we hear from CareFlash users around the world, testifying that they never clearly understood what they have been dealing with. Empower your readers with 3-D animations that quickly take the entire extended community from 0-60 to comprehend what’s happening. And the likelihood that your readers who view animations from your site, will help take your site viral, is VERY good!

    Today, physicians across 5 continents utilize CareFlash as a powerful yet free resource to share and explain diagnoses, treatments and technologies to their patients in unprecedented ways. CareFlash offers thousands of free animations narrated in plain understandable English, Spanish and other languages featuring cellular-level 3-D explanations capable of being understood by the average person in categories including: Bladder/Kidney, Blood/Immune, Cancer, Digestive/Mouth, Ears, Endocrine, Eyes, Genetics, Heart/Circulatory, Ligaments/Tendons, Neurological/Mental Health, Orthopedic, Pregnancy/Reproductive, Respiratory and Skin/Cosmetic.

    Thousands of our animations are available here for you to consider linking to, or embedding in your posts around your related topics http://www.careflash.com/video

    And here’s a sample:

  2. maria05 says:

    I’m actually a nurse, and i think web-based is great especially to patients who’s undergoing long time treatment/hospitalization. these patients really needs emotional support coming from their families. anyway, i’ll be checking the website you have posted. I also have a website that i found just recently, you might also want to check it out. eleapsoftware.com

    • dhuwail says:

      Thanx maria05! It’s great to hear from a clinician who works closely with patients 🙂 I’ll definitely check out the link you’ve provided 🙂

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