I am honored to be involved with scientific and acadmic xchange/reseach with a highly intellectual group intrested in Health and Medical informatics on handheld devices. The group is lead by Dr. AlUbaydli of the University College London (UCL).

I was invited to an amazing event titled HealthCamp UK 2009

HealthCamp UK is a health care unconference: an event for people who want to improve health care: clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, managers, engineers… all are welcome as long as you are ready to collaborate.There is no agenda for the day – the people who turn up vote on what we work on. You can watch some videos of the topics tackled by participants of HealthCamp UK 2008. All this is mixed in with regular breaks, food and drink. – HealthCamp UK

This year the camp will be held as part of the NHS Innovation Expo in London. The event will take place on 18 and 19 June 2009 in London, UK.

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