Attending the BIRO Academy in Kuwait

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Dietetic, Medical, Medical Informatics, Technology
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I have been asked to attend the 1st Annual BIRO Academy event here in Kuwait @ the Dasman Centre for Research and Treatment of Diabetes. Even though I was told by work last minute (don’t you even get me started on that) it was great to attend the event a day late :s I met with wonderful Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Diabetes experts from all around Europe.

The project aims to

“establish a European Diabetes Register through the extension of the BIRO network and the use of related technology. The project, including 22 associated partners and collaborating institutions, will ensure wide European geographical coverage through the participation of a total of 20 regions from at least 20 countries. The main product arising from the project will be the European Diabetes Report: an analysis of quality of care and outcomes in diabetes based on standardized criteria and a reference population of over 500,000 subjects.” – EUBIROD

Unfortunately I didn’t get to play much with the software or even get a chance to dissect it! (a price you pay when you’re told about a workshop late) but when it worked, it produced wonderful unanimous and clinically relevant data that could help shape health policy and monitor progress of diabetes programs. Oh and what’s even better, it works on homogenizing all the heterogeneous data from the data islands (from each of the European countries, including from within the country itself).

I think it’s early to tell if this will be helpful to Kuwait, but I am confident we can learn something from the project and its methodology. At the moment, we do have systems in place like the Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) @ the Primary Healthcare facilities, but we do lack significantly that data about diabetes. And yes, diabetes is a HUGE problem here in Kuwait and the region.

The hope is to have a diabetes registry here in Kuwait to be able to monitor patients with diabetes, their progress, the quality of services provided to them, any changes important to health policy regarding diabetes management programs, along side the relevant public health issues.

I am excited to be on board and representing the IT voice from the Ministry of Health, but let’s hope the folks down here take it seriously and don’t mess this up!

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